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How does a consignment sale work?


A consignment sale is a lot like a garage sale, only with lots of similar stuff from lots of different people!


Once you have packaged and priced your unwanted paper crafting items, simply bring them to the Oh Scrap! Consignment Sale located at our retreat. We will display and sell the items for you and at the end of the sale, you will pick up your unsold items and we will PayPal your earnings.




How much does it cost to become a seller?


There is a $12 fee to become a seller and we retain15% of your sales. This helps cover credit card processing fees and operational costs.



How do I register to be a seller?


Simply click on the Seller Registration tab in the consignment sale section on our website at or follow this link!


If you find after registering that you simply cannot participate, just let us know so we can open your space to other sellers. We anticipate there will be a waiting list! No refunds of registration fees will be given after May 20th.




Can a friend (or group) consign together to save on registration cost?


Sure! If 3 of your friends want to each bring a few items under one seller code, that is no problem. BUT, only the registered seller gets the payment at the end of the sale so it is up to you to divvy payment with your friends!




How will I get credit for my items?


After registering to become a seller, we will provide you with a login where you can create and print labels featuring your unique seller code. Tape or attach the price labels to the items you wish to sell. Any item brought to us without a tag will be placed in our “Unmarked Items” area and we will be unable to sell it. At the end of the sale, a report will be run that will tally everyone's total sales. Within 1-2 business days, we will Paypal you your earnings so be sure to provide us with your correct email to receive payment in a timely manner.



What types of items can I bring?


At this time, we are only focusing on paper crafting related items. That would include scrapbooking items, stamps and related products, card making related items, planner items and accessories, die cuts, small equipment such as die cutting machines, embossing machines, heat guns, etc. And of course embellishments, stickers, and paper.



How should I price and package my items?


It is highly recommended you group like items together for the best chance of selling. For example, place several different embellishment items in a ziplock bag and price them as a “lot” instead of selling one item by itself. Paper will sell best in packages of 20 or more sheets. You are welcome to price your items however you see fit. Obviously, items that are packaged in an enticing way and are reasonably priced will sell best.



How should I organize my items?


While not required, it would be super helpful to have your items somewhat organized when you arrive for dropoff. For example, all your packages of stamps together in a box, all of your packs of paper together in a tote, all tools together, etc. Because we will have a very limited timeframe to get items out and displayed, we thank you in advance for being organized!


If you need your exact boxes, totes, or bags back at the end of the sale, please make sure they are all CLEARLY marked with your name and seller code.



Do my items need to be in brand new condition?


Not at all! As long as your items are in good, usable condition, that is fine. If you used 6 stickers out of a pack of 12, simply group several other sticker sheets together and sell them as a 'lot' of stickers. If you used your Sizzix for a year, feel free to note on the tag that the item has been used but is in working order.


Just as with a garage sale or thrift store, you are buying at your own risk. Oh Scrap! Is not responsible for items that are damaged or do not work. There are NO refunds for any reason.



Is there anything I shouldn't bring?


If you know something does not work or is broken or damaged or stained, please do not bring it. Again, this sale is only for paper crafting items, so please NO fabric, jewelry making supplies, paint, floral supplies, etc.




When do I need to have my items delivered to the sale?


We will be able to accept your items on Wednesday June 5th from 7pm – 10pm or on Thursday June 6th beginning from 8am – 11am. Please contact us in advance if you just cannot make it within these hours, we may be able to make other arrangements.


Please make sure all items are labeled when you arrive. There will be no space for you to do it at the venue as we will be setting up the event during that time.



Is the sale only for Oh Scrap! Croppers?


NO! Everyone is welcome to sell or shop with us!



What are the hours of the Oh Scrap! Consignment Sale?


The sale is open exclusively for registered croppers and sellers:


Thursday June 6th – 2 pm – 6 pm


The sale will be open to the public:

Friday June 7th - 10 am – 6 pm

Saturday June 8th – 10 am – 6 pm

Sunday June 9th - 10 am - 2pm



Where is the Oh Scrap! Consignment Sale?


The sale will be in the McIntosh Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Peachtree City, GA.


While coming to shop at the consignment sale, don't forget to visit our wonderful vendors as well and see all of their brand new products!



Anything else I need to know?


Credit/Debit is preferred, but cash will be accepted. Exact change is not required, but will be very helpful, so please bring small bills if possible. No checks, please.


ALL SALES FINAL. No refunds for any reason.


Chances are you'll find lots of great stuff, so you might want to bring reusable shopping bags with you, too!



The Disclaimers and The Fine Print:


Oh Scrap! Is not responsible for any items that are lost, damaged, or stolen. We will do our very best to monitor shoppers at all times. As with any garage sale, thrift store, or consignment sale, items will be handled repeatedly by many people and things happen.


You are responsible for making sure your items are packaged and priced securely. We cannot sell items without proper barcoded labels. Items without labels will be put in the “unmarked items” bin and will not be placed for sale. Any items in the bin not claimed at the end of the sale will become property of Oh Scrap! and will be placed in our free area at the next retreat or donated to charity.


Any items not picked up by 7pm Sunday June 9th will also be placed in our free area at the next retreat or donated to charity. If you have an outstanding circumstance, please reach out to us and we will do our best to work with you.



Still have questions? Feel free to email us at anytime!

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